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Visit Leon

Leon is one of the most industrialized cities in the state of Guanajuato, world-wide known for the top quality of its leather products and shoes produced there. Nevertheless, tourism is a growing activity. Today, the streets of Leon are a blend of ancient buildings from the colonial age with modern architecture and wide avenues, composing the setting of a city on continuous development.

Plus, the city of Leon is known as the World’s Footwear Capital due to the large number of shoe factories and top quality leather products, which popularity goes way beyond the borders of our country.

Some of the things you cannot miss on your visit to Leon, Guanajuato include:

  • Walk around the streets of the city downtown and stop by to admire the stunning façade of its cathedral.
  • Buy shoes and all kind of the leather articles in the main markets and plazas of the city. Visit the Shoe Plaza, the Shoe Gallery, the Plaza Piel, among other shopping malls located at the west side of the city and in the city’s Zona Piel.
  • Attend one of the games of the “panzas verdes” of Leon, the city’s historic team. Its incredible stadium, the “Nou Camp”, world cup scenery in 1986 owes its name to the mythical venue where the Spain’s F.C. Barcelona plays.
  • Visit the Zooleon, the city zoo with over 1,200 animals of 180 different species. Specialists have managed to incentivize the reproduction of turkeys, Mexican wolves, royal eagles and other endangered species.
  • Visit the Templo Expiatorio, located in the Madero Street, within the downtown area. Its great neo gothic style will remind you of the famous cathedrals of medieval Europe.